Enterprise Solutions

Integrated Security & Control Automation

Control Automation

Drugëza automates lighting, blinds and shutters, HVAC, security systems, energy management etc.

At it's best!

Providing the best home and commercial automation solutions.

IT Management

We’ve been a nearly strategic thought leader for five we are bring unrivaled decades

Network and Architecture

Decades of strategic development towards IT Management and security.

Security Systems

Drugëza takes security system integration to a new level by providing a high-end CMS.

Real security

Integrated security management systems can be centralized through your enterprise architecture.

Project Management

Drugëza as a quality control entity, makes sure that projects are being executed as planned.

Quality Control

Due to 15 years of experience, our team will provide the highest quality of control in the region.

Who We Are

We deal with the aspects of Professional Services

Safe Cities

Advanced video intelligence will be needed to meet new threats and security requirements.

Facilities & Schools

A key element of the required solution is the provision for scalability; as needs grow, and new threats and security


Toll Automation, LPRs, facial recognition's, traffic statistics & security as integrated access control.

Critical Infrastructure

Water and electrical facilities, factories and related sectors have all come to rely heavily on video surveillance.

Banking & Finance

Financial institutions demand highly intelligent, proactive security solutions that can address everything.

Law enforcement

Corrections officers and prison management personnel require similar tools, in a more tightly managed location

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